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Since 1976, the optometrists at Sacramento Visioncare have proudly helped people of all ages see more clearly, comfortably, and efficiently. It is our goal to continue to offer the newest in vision care technology, including safe alternative methods to surgery, in a fast, friendly, and professional way, in order to help improve and stabilize our patients' vision, and visual health.

About Our Doctors

Meet the optometrists at Sacramento Visioncare. Our optometrists have a broad range of knowledge in areas that help their patients improve their vision, and maintain their visual health for life. Click here to meet our doctors.

Refractive Corneal Therapy (Orthokeratology/RCT)

Many of our patients with nearsightedness or astigmatism have returned to normal or near normal eyesight through the use of refractive corneal therapy. In the 1950's, astute doctors noticed that certain types of contact lens changed the shape of the cornea, often resulting in substantial improvements. Since then the technique has been greatly improved. Refractive corneal therapy lenses are prescribed with a better curvature for the cornea.

Vision Therapy 

We offer a personalized vision therapy program that utilizes a system of eye exercises and new visual habits, which may improve vision and bring relief to eyestrain, blurred vision, and loss of focusing power. We believe these malfunctions of the eyes are the underlying cause of many visual problems. The goal of vision therapy is to improve visual function so that the eyes work properly again, just as tuning up your car’s engine makes it work better.

Vision Improvement Program:

Vision problems may affect children's ability to read and learn. More than just eyesight, vision is the ability to identify, interpret, comprehend, and act on what is seen. Our Vision Improvement Program includes tests that may lead to successful care of vision and learning problems in children ages 6-19.




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