How Vision Therapy Helps Eyes Work Better

Good vision depends on two sets of muscles. The ciliary muscle changes the shape of the eye's inner lens so that objects come into focus. In addition, 6 muscles surround each eyeball and move the eye so that they point at the same object.

These muscles may malfunction through stress, poor nutrition, or the aging process. Usually the result is eyestrain, blurred vision, or loss of focusing power.

A "Tune-up" For Your Eyes

We believe these malfunctions may be the underlying cause of many visual problems. The goal of vision therapy is to eliminate the malfunctions so that the eyes work properly again, just as tuning up a car's engine makes it work better.

Dr. Muris offers personalized programs of vision improvement which use a variety of therapy techniques to improve eye tracking skills, depth perception, peripheral vision, and change of focus. Our program will work to condition the eye muscles and help focusing power naturally, with the goal being to see more clearly, efficiently and comfortably.

Our VIP Program (Vision Improvement Program) may also help with visually-related learning problems, resulting in faster reading, better comprehension, and more self-confidence. It may help to achieve more at work, school, or sports, because good vision is vital to success.

As an added benefit, our vision therapy programs help develop positive new visual habits. The goal is to help maintain the results automatically and effortlessly.

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