How Refractive Corneal Therapy Helps Improve Eyesight

In conditions such as nearsightedness and astigmatism, the cornea is often abnormally curved, which prevents light from focusing properly onto the retina.

In the 1950's, astute doctors noticed that certain types of contact lenses changed the shape of the cornea, often resulting in substantial improvements - this was called Orthokeratology.

Since then the technique has been greatly improved. Refractive corneal therapy lenses are prescribed with a better curvature for the cornea. The cornea then changes its shape to conform to the curvature of the specially designed lens.

By systematically changing the curvature of the lens, remarkable improvements may be obtained. Many patients return to normal or near normal eyesight. To maintain the results, part-time "retainer" lenses are often all that's needed. Many people are free of lenses and see clearly all day long, and practice retainer wear during sleep.

Refractive Corneal therapy lenses are considered to be safe.

For over 30 years professionals at Sacramento Visioncare Optometric Center have offered this technique, and we will do everything possible to help you achieve your maximum visual potential. Our EyeSys Computerized Corneal Analysis System allows our Doctors to even better evaluate the results you achieve by taking a topographical map of the front of the eye (cornea).

A new Rapid Corneal Therapy lens treatment is now available. Vision can improve dramatically, often in just days, sometimes even overnight! If fast results are important Rapid Corneal Therapy may be the answer!


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